Rod West (Rodzroom Studio)

I’m an independent home recordist and producer. If you are familiar with my material and believe I can assist you with your own audio endeavor, please check out the Services page for a basic rundown of my equipment and general capabilities. I’m always open for collaboration, and am perpetually seeking a creative lead guitarist for my own material.

The Story

Piano lessons at 5. Thank you, Ms. Dyvig!

Saved up for a recording rig with paper route money. I sold and delivered the Burlington County Times, an Old Media rag whose main selling point was a “color front page.” Of course, the likelihood of poor writing, poor editing, and biased coverage did not deter me from winning a Sony Walkman as a reward for targeting newly built old-folks communities for $ales. Portable media was born, and it was good. Bulky by today’s standards, but good.

Porky and Teabiscuit was the band I was in with my big brother. There was some cool stuff, and soon I will be baking our multitrack tape and remixing our album. Good first studio experience. Horrible mix.

Digital recording in late 90s kept me busy. No method to the madness. Just madness.

Rigbees and Barrelhouse were two bands I was in simultaneously. These were the “constantly on the move” years during which I had to measure my level of artistic fulfillment against having people clap for me and, at times, ask for my autograph. Bleh.


I have been hacking away at computer recording since 1990; however, since 2012, I have committed myself to self-education in the recording, mixing, and producing disciplines. I have been regularly working and re-working my own song libraries. See “The Archive” below.


The objective of this website is to capture stuff that is interesting to me so that I can stare at it from time to time. I make music, so perhaps posting some odds and ends of my creative process may be of interest. I am a half-assed poet, too, erroring on the side of lyricism and rhyming (loose rhyme is especially interesting; though i do find that good rhythm and melody can be interesting with no rhyme at all).


I’ll come back to this one. I have to figure out the cosmic connection between Gordon Lightfoot, The Beatles, and Cher. Just kidding about Cher. I did use autotune in the song Gray March. I’m ashamed to have typed that out loud.

The Archive

I have a pretty good archive, and there are several albums in the can that I’ve re-mixed and re-mastered; and, many more to go. This is where these shall see the light of day.

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