​ I’m Negan

(Spoiler alert.) ​Okay, let’s talk about The Walking Dead. After some contemplation, I’m rooting for Negan.

Considering that TWD occurs in a post-apocalyptic universe, Negan’s modus operandi has fostered the closest thing to the reconstruction of civilization that we’ve seen. Though his methods seem harsh, the “post-apocalyptic” characteristic of this world warrants a lot of consideration. If the survivors are starting from ground zero after the destruction of what we currently know as “civilization,” there are many profound questions at hand. Perhaps the biggest is, “Where do we go from here?”

Negan has named his group “Saviors” because “we save.” This is one part propaganda and one part truth. The truth is that Negan could not have built his enclave without valuing lives. These lives take on the purpose of growing and maintaining the Saviors. In turn, the purview of the Saviors—at least before Rick and his group came along—retained a level of stability that allowed the vestiges of pre-apocalyptic culture to survive.

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Reaper DAW Keeps Getting More Awesome

… and rapidly. Since I had to spend some time away from this morning’s Consternational Anthem mixing session moving my car because of downed wires and street-level plumbing issues here in Philly, I’ve decided to play around during my shortened session with this Web Remote feature in Reaper.

In theory, it will speed up my mixing and production workflow. But, let’s face it–it’s fun. This has captured the full attention of my inner geek! This video showcases a little extra piece of software to develop a customized mobile controller.

The Post: Post Victory Post

I have used the word “Post” four times now (on purpose): To underscore my recent humdrum achievement.

One other achievement is the design of my album cover for “Consternational Anthems.” Hopefully, WordPress app has properly set it to the oft-neglected “featured image” feature.

Just today I decided to revert “Spam” to its native bluesy format, thus ditching the ill-conceived electro version. Some experiments are fun and destructive, and make me wiser.

Victory! Song “The Post” Added to Indaba Sync Library

“The Post,” the song that I rewrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered during a short two weeks last month, was chosen for the Indaba Sync Library. This is really exciting news, because it represents the first such acknowledgement of my musicianship and production skills. Plus: I have a really cool “Pro” designation on Indaba. (And, oh yeah, “The Post” might show up somewhere on some kind of mass media content!)

The past couple of years I spent with my face in the academic side of this stuff—which I consider “putting myself through a college music program”—were well spent. Through much practice, I am finally in a position to make the musical stuff I envision happen, and have fun while doing it. Indaba provided (and continues to provide) an excellent platform to apply what I was learning and continue to learn.

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The Legend of the Beastie Mash (a Halloween musical mishap)

Or, how scotch enhances vampiric vocal tracks

Once upon a time, on a spooky, scotch-laden October night, the Halloween spirit burrowed deep into my soul. Scotch after scotch, as my physical vision blurred, an inner vision materialized. I just knew my latest project, a mash up of the old classic Monster Mash with Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys, was destined for greatness (or at least to embarrass me the next morning).

Year after year, the legendary recording haunted those around me. Each October, I announced, “It’s Beastie Mash season again!” As cell phone technology improved, so did my ability to chase would-be listeners around with this gleeful ditty emanating from pinhole speakers.

The song underwent several changes since its inception, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I decided on the final orchestration and mixdown—to exorcise it once and for all from my soul. And so, I present: The Beastie Mash

The Post: “Dirty Blues Rock” mixdown

So, here’s the mixdown of The Post, which I intend to enter into the ‘Dirty Blues Rock’ contest on Indaba. I ramped up the heavy and beautiful saturation quite a bit while retaining the swagger of a bars-blues band.

After mastering this thing and uploading to Indaba, I shall return to Consternational Anthems.

Update: Mastered and posted on Indaba: Have a listen.