Open Mic at The Thirsty Soul 3-21-2019 (with blues jam)

This open mic was an outlier. Along with a few comfortable tracks (Grass and Wine, Gardens and Cobblestones, Sweet Jesus, and Other Half), I would completely understand if you were to skip to the appended last song. It was a sweet improv blues jam roughly resembling Chinese Buffet, complete with piano, cajon, and some sweet and soulful background vocals from a mysterious, extremely talented female vocalist.

Open Mic at The Thirsty Soul Philly 2-28-2019


In this open mic, the table right in front of me caught on fire while I played my first song. Also, I followed an interesting fellow who was visited by an alien being and pronounced the “chosen one.” So, as I continue to hone my gift of stage gab, I concocted an opening that gave a nod to that. Featuring Gardens and Cobblestones, I Drive a Bus, and– inevitably– Chinese Buffet.

Watch: Another Electric Open Mic

While the absence of Phil Romeo was felt, host Gabe Esposito rocked the house (in addition to many excellent first-time and veteran Thirsty Soul performers). Here was my (first) contribution. I did end up doing a second set, unrecorded, including a really nice version of Congratulations accompanied by Gabe on bass. I’ll be sure to capture that next time around.