Angst Chapter One: Race

When considering the heightened racial rhetoric raised after the death of George Floyd, I’m once again facing down stereotypes that are applied to me, a middle-aged American white guy. Luckily, my thoughts, demeanor, attitude, and spirituality have crystallized during the past few years, and I’m much more comfortable doing a deep dive into my heart.

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21st Century Communication Theory

Parroting dramatic language on social media (and therefore, like it or not, in real life) is diminishing our motivation and—to some extent—our ability to choose precise words. The pool of original ideas based on self experience is slowly and subtly being replaced with words relating to how the experience of others is constantly communicated via mass media.

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The Drone Bird Fetus Picture

This little skeleton was on the stoop at the end of my block.

I thought it would be a beautiful painting. I ordered my own Father’s Day gift: The Paint Your Life thing.

Only, apparently not *my* life. They rejected it. Would not take my money. Thought it violated the “dead pets” clause.

Let’s just murder art, then.

The Drone Bird Fetus Picture