Angst Chapter One: Race

When considering the heightened racial rhetoric raised after the death of George Floyd, I’m once again facing down stereotypes that are applied to me, a middle-aged American white guy. Luckily, my thoughts, demeanor, attitude, and spirituality have crystallized during the past few years, and I’m much more comfortable doing a deep dive into my heart.

What I learned during my grade school days in the 1970s was anti-racist. In fact, the newly minted public education system and the children’s entertainment industry, in an effort to make us “not racist,” introduced the concept of “racism.” Before I had even interacted with any Black people, I had in mind a litany of rules and facts and history that commanded me to adhere to special social rules when interacting with Black people.

How could I live up to such a high standard of behavior with anyone? It was subconsciously much easier to self-segregate rather than try to live up to these intellectually devised standards of social perfection.

I grew up with racial angst. I have come to realize I was trained by the public education system and the Legacy Media to heed “the angry Black voice.” These cynical, inescapable media and education messages were and still are closing the minds of the populace to the concept of unity.

What I thought was the Black voice is *not* the Black voice. The media-education institutions seem pleased at their efforts to instill in Black people anger, fueling them with political promises to remove the object of anger via the government rather than inspiring the curiosity and ambition required for success in all facets of American life.

I believe there is peace to be found in rejecting political whims of the day, which are destined to be encased in the amber crystals of frozen time. We must search our hearts to repair the damage caused by the fundamental lies we have been taught: Little flames licking the corners of every fabric of civilization, begging for more gasoline lies.

The Legacy Media and public education are aiming us down when up is the direction of genuine freedom for all.

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