Angst Chapter Two: Walking Behind Slow-Walking Women

Walking up the city sidewalk, I realize I walk at an “average” pace. Inevitably, some people zip by me. Others block my way. Wherever I’m going, though, my original quest is inevitably sidelined in favor of the Slow-Walking Women.

Am I being creepy?

I would very much like to move more quickly to my destination, but I must now get around this beautiful creature sauntering at such a below-average pace. Should I speed up? She might believe I’m chasing her. Perhaps looking at my phone is an acceptable non-aggressive move?

When is the correct time to even make that move? I’m at the crossroad of logistics and psychology. I must not confirm the painted-on yoga pants. Or are they jogging pants?


Just past the next stoop: Phone, feet, average pace. I’m getting there.

One response to “Angst Chapter Two: Walking Behind Slow-Walking Women”

  1. You make me smile.


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