Live at the Thirsty Soul 11-1-2018

I streamed this entire event, with all of the performers, live on 11/1/2018 on Facebook, draining my battery down to 7%. Looks like I should grab a portable charger if I’m going to make this a habit. I present my set in this video.

This open mic night is relatively new (3 weeks old), and so far it’s great. The guy who hosts it, Phil Romeo, shreds the guitar, and joins me on percussion during a couple of these tunes.

Happy Mrs. Simon

David was our kindergarten troublemaker, and often disrupted our nap time. Lessons about the ABCs interwove with our teacher’s, Mrs. Simon’s, admonishments of David. Inevitably, the more paste and construction paper our projects involved, the more Mrs. Simon seemed to yell at him.

A negative attitude toward David emerged among my classmates. He had apparently been following each of them into the coat closet, pulling them close, and whispering profanity in their ears. I heard various accounts of this misdeed. “David is weird and says bad words.” “David just cursed in my ear.” “Eew.”

So not only did he possess persistent mucus stalactites hanging from each nostril and talk like Elmer Fudd, but he also cast a blight upon the sanctity of the coat closet? Retrieving my personal outerwear now involved assuming the risk of boogers and verbal assault from the class monster? I resolved to avoid him.

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