21st Century Communication Theory

Parroting dramatic language on social media (and therefore, like it or not, in real life) is diminishing our motivation and—to some extent—our ability to choose precise words. The pool of original ideas based on self experience is slowly and subtly being replaced with words relating to how the experience of others is constantly communicated via mass media.

This creates a deficient verbal egalitarianism that supersedes a more diverse interpretation of reality and makes it difficult for individuals to distinguish themselves through the language arts. If everyone uses borrowed persuasive and dramatic language, nobody is expressing their own dramatic and persuasive language, leaving only the power of authority gained by occupying the highest levels of the Communication Hierarchy we are unwittingly supporting in this 21st Century Communication Model.

As the education system places less and less emphasis on how to think and replaces it with what to think, it may be that we are inadvertently seeding an entire generation of children on a path to being empty, walking, talking soundboards chirping memes as shorthand for concepts they have yet to grasp.

Understanding others is an important element on the road to peace. Being understood is a fundamental human need. Never learning how to think and express oneself, or self-suppressing such expression out of fear, can only lead to more authoritarianism.

A Couple of Poignant Movies

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