Yay Eagles

Yay Eagles! I captured a bunch of video on Broad St. in Philadelphia immediately following the Eagles victory in Superbowl LII. I spliced some of it together on my phone and added my “Winning Makes Me Feel Good” song as a backing track. The city was sewn together with joy and celebration. It was messy; it was unpredictable; and it was a fantastic experience. It was a bit difficult finding a Lyft, though.

Enjoy… and congratulations, Eagles!

Fancy Feast Valentine

Well, another Valentine’s Day is upon us. I remember getting an insincere valentine from Denise Lynch in kindergarten, and not minding. She was cute. Her valentine was somber, with muted colors. Strange amid the pink and purple.

And now, it’s come to this. A song about embracing a cat as your valentine. I attempted to google St. Valentine, but muh autocomplete gave me https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Valentine%27s_Day_Massacre.

I present my entry for Indaba’s “Baby-Making Music.”


Rodcast Ep. 1: CA Liner Notes I

Well, it’s my one-year WordPress anniversary, and boy did I surprise myself. I was just minding my own business when the annual receipt just rolled right into my inbox between the spam and propaganda. “Do I care?” I thought. “Should I do something?”

I eyed my new Memphis Blue microphone, thinking about how it might feel to direct utterances at it. And then I thought that this whole vision of “website as living-liner-notes” could be better. Rodcast was thusly born. It turns out that making a podcast was quite pleasant.

Song: The Post

A fun song about the debauchery of a night out at a bar on the other side of the railroad tracks. My uncle Bruce wrote this song several decades ago, and I updated it with contemporary instrumentation and lyrics to enter it into an Indaba Music contest. It ended up getting selected for placement in their music catalog, and it seemed like a good fit for Consternational Anthems.

Check out Consternational Anthems, my 2017 album. All songs will be available for free download for a limited time. DM @rodzroom on Twitter if you’d like a thumb drive of stems for these 10 tracks.

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