Live at The Thirsty Soul 12-13-2018

Hey, it’s the second week in a row there has been a piano. I practiced a little bit, and remembered how much I adore Fred Jones Part 2 by Ben Folds. I also discovered how fantastic it is playing boogie woogie with percussive accompaniment.

Note: I’ll be going live on Twitter and/or Instagram most Thursday nights sometime between 6 and 7pm, before the open mic.

Video: Live at The Thirsty Soul (feat Piano!)

I had changed my guitar strings earlier in the week, and beaten on them by aggressively strumming with my ceramic-coated pick. I was ready to introduce some new stuff. As I entered the “sexy back” of The Thirsty Soul, my eyeballs were yanked immediately to the back corner: There was a sweet 88-key Yamaha weighted-key piano. Despite my state of un-recently-practiced procrastination, that old urge to pound the 88s possessed me.