Watch: Open Mic Live at The Thirsty Soul Philly

I perform a few familiar tunes with a new hostess, Liz Starry. I committed a cardinal sin of live musical performances by cracking open my new piezo pickup moments before I went live. It was awkward, but it worked. Featuring I’m Gone, Other Half, and Redneck Vacation. Spoiler: No cajon.

Looks like there may be a bit more of a talent draw with the new hostess, who is plugged into the scene around Philly. Time to rock!

Watch: Open Mic Night at The Thirsty Soul Philly 3-28-2019

Though the seats were empty this time, we all managed to have tons of musical fun. After performing Gardens and Cobblestones with pals Phil (piano) and Tyler (cajon), Phil pushed my Tom Petty button, and we shared moments with Free Fallin’ and Breakdown. Then I capped my performance off with an acceptable performance of Possum Kingdom by the Toadies.

Open Mic at The Thirsty Soul 3-21-2019 (with blues jam)

This open mic was an outlier. Along with a few comfortable tracks (Grass and Wine, Gardens and Cobblestones, Sweet Jesus, and Other Half), I would completely understand if you were to skip to the appended last song. It was a sweet improv blues jam roughly resembling Chinese Buffet, complete with piano, cajon, and some sweet and soulful background vocals from a mysterious, extremely talented female vocalist.

Song: Geniuses of Glory

I haven’t had a drink since November 1, 2018. I captured this song  during a particularly lucid rumination on how I was feeling: Inspired. Ceasing the destruction of myself and becoming much more responsive to inspiration has begun to instill a sense this feeling is worth sharing.

Wearing my 80s production and Bowie influence on my sleeve, I present this work.

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