Song: On Fire

I happened upon a really infectious beat I created a couple of years ago and, after an enjoyable session, pulled a catchy melody from the universe. As fate would have it, I decided to listen to The Doors for the heck of it, and realized what I had with this song is a Doors-influenced piece of classic rock with a twist of contemporary production. And so, On Fire was born. It was fun to channel a bit of Jim Morrison, walking the line between psychedelic and Sinatra in vocal and lyrical styling. Yep, looks pretentious to have typed that out loud.

Listen on SoundCloud:

Ben Shapiro’s Mother Of All Virtue Signals: Deconstructing John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Virtue signaling is a ubiquitous presence in Internet social justice rhetoric. That is why, when I discovered the following YouTube rant by conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, I was amused. I had discovered the Mother of All Virtue Signals.

I don’t harbor any sort of animus toward Ben. He does, however, seem to be overreaching in his conservative punditry with this video in which he admits that, if he *were* for censorship, he would burn every copy of John Lennon’s Imagine.

Have a look, then I’ll break it down:

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