Song: On Fire

I happened upon a really infectious beat I created a couple of years ago and, after an enjoyable session, pulled a catchy melody from the universe. As fate would have it, I decided to listen to The Doors for the heck of it, and realized what I had with this song is a Doors-influenced piece of classic rock with a twist of contemporary production. And so, On Fire was born. It was fun to channel a bit of Jim Morrison, walking the line between psychedelic and Sinatra in vocal and lyrical styling. Yep, looks pretentious to have typed that out loud.

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Song: Making a Living

I’ve been working on this song rather than processing my open mic videos (two shows in the backlog, one of which features a misguided attempt to play my piano arrangement of Redneck Vacation. Sometimes things don’t work out, but I do plan on sharing it soon.). At any rate, here is “Making a Living,” my first song of 2019. It is written for my daughter, who is 20 and feeling angsty about being an adult.

Listen on SoundCloud:

Triggered (& Inspired) Reformed Mullet-wearer

I recently came into possession of an Alesis HR16 drum machine. By all measures, almost nobody cared about that model. “Mr. Wendal” features it, and possibly some other songs.

It is a glorious button-laden gray box, with a flip top that actually houses, in microscopic print, the entire user manual. My mission was to simply acquire a power adapter and figure out how to make a beat.

As soon as I patched MIDI into it, I was in a world of 80s bliss. Needless to say, there has been some mission scope creep. Continue reading