Song: The Riot Pt. 1 (Liner Notes)

Love is radical.

I pray we can move past the contemporary racial narrative that Elites have so cynically crafted and delivered via media and academia during the past several decades. Why have they invested so much time and money in such a message of divisiveness, disempowering individuals from experiencing the give-and-take of pure love between themselves and their fellow human beings and replacing it with a political agenda of factious chaos?

Elites are leveraging their cultural and political influence to profit from our division as we suffer from the mass delusion they perpetrated to tear us apart and keep us apart, with “peace” always just one election out of reach. Are we truly promoting love when we blame hate on others, when we—as individuals—have the soul power to recognize and overcome the resentment and hatred in our own hearts?

Know: You are free, right now, to go forth in love and to create peace. Unity is your greatest responsibility. If you want it, you must own your part in it.

Un mensaje si la unidad.

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