Bed Bugs and the Making of a Feline Hero (The Old Draft I Now Have an Ending For)

A few days ago, my wife found a bed bug. This threw her into a panic. Me too. The only bed bug stories are horror stories.

We made an appointment with a bed bug specialist for the next day. We had to bag all of our clothing and linens to throw them in high heat dryers for an hour. We had to lock up (herd) our several cats in the basement.

Plus, not forget to safely transport my daughter’s hamster to my father-in-law’s place. Continue reading

Kitten Withdrawal 😳

The sleek gray cat we had taken in from the alley, Sofie, was about to burst in the middle. The vet confirmed that she was pregnant weeks before, but could not estimate a birth day.

Questions loomed in my household. What were we supposed to do to facilitate cat birth? How would we know when the time was near?

It was a snowy February 9 when I decided to work from home. I typed away the morning on the couch. Right around lunchtime, Sofie started jumping on the couch, squeaking and flopping, then walking halfway up the stairs, then back down.

The last iteration of this strange behavior pattern left a few dark red spots of liquid on the couch, and a little nugget of something resembling a bloody booger. The cat was in labor. Continue reading