This dude is astute. De-centralized media is the way to go. Let free speech rain its grace down on the world’s population; beautifully naked truth.

As a musician, I have encountered many of the clumsy paths that wanna-be artists perceive as “paths to success.” This perception marks a subservience to the corporate/state/mainstream media philosophy–the Enemy of Free Thought.

I joined Taxi for a year, and I learned the most important lesson: To succeed in the mainstream, you have to write about *nothing*. They solicit songs for commercial tv, and you can’t mention events, particular people, brand names, anything triggering. You must sound like whatever popstar of the moment. In short, you can’t *say* anything; and, originality is frowned upon.

A shame, really. This is how the “sausage” of the ersatz Hollywood artistry is made. What a horrible, empty soullessness.

I am on board with New Media. I’ve been quite privileged to see its ascendence to where it is now, and I’ll be happy to live out my days watching it explode. There is simply no good reason to accept stodgy, propagandized, non-interactive content. I am pleased at the availability of the best talent pool of all: Humanity.


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