Lyrics: Hollywood Halfwit

Consternational Anthem. Will be a happy-go-lucky punkish pop rock song:

i wanna be a hollywood halfwit
jump up on my golden soapbox and talk bullshit
branded social media, hash tag not my president
preen and resist and signal my resentment

i may not have any skills
but social justice needs more zombie shills

i wanna be a hollywood halfwit
troll james woods and call trump voters racist
call for assassinations when i’m wasted
marxist talking points i copied and i pasted

Love Rob Reiner, Michael Moore, and Cher
But don’t blame me for your dispair

i wanna be a hollywood halfwit
undermine elections and my US government
agree with me or face my violent hatred
i hate hate and hardly call that hatred

Love stephen king, jk rowling, and prince
too bad he’s a jahova’s witness

break guitar only x2
key change to d x2 with band flourish

spoken in movie trailer voice:
in a world where social justice is the sheep’s clothing of wolves
one election can trigger the violent reaction of the weak minded
led by the beautiful people and academics in gated communities
information must be controlled

outro: refrain “i wanna be a hollywood halfwit”

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