F— ProTools

I recently updated from Mac OS Mavericks to High Sierra. Why would a tech geek such as myself sit out of so many Mac OS updates, you might wonder?

Well, my musician side (aka Rodzroom) bullied my tech geek side (aka Elroy). Terrorized him, actually, to the point where Rodzroom convinced Elroy that the incompatibility of my iPhone Notes and my Mac OS Notes was a minor casualty. After all, retaining Mac OS 10.9.4 was all in the name of ProTools 11 support.

Often, Rodzroom would secretly slink into a dark room and curl up in fetal position, lamenting the necessity of icloud.com to facilitate his previously unbroken creative flow, and re-learning the more capable, creative, and ultimately less expensive Reaper DAW in anticipation of ditching the “professional” ProTools software.

It wasn’t until my recent discovery, on the Reaper Blog, and eventual purchase of Morphit, that Rodzroom and Elroy sat down peacefully and made a joint decision: Fuck ProTools. A headphone sound-correcting plugin, compatible with Mac OS 10.10 and later, was just the thing to jolt Rodzroom and Elroy back to the reality that sweetness shall prevail.

Though I’ve remixed a huge chunk of my song catalog and participated in numerous mixing contests in ProTools, I’ve only done one album end-to-end in ProTools. If I get around to remixing that, I’ll have to face down my decision. In the meantime, my personalities have merged once more, and I’m quite happy that my forthcoming album and recent works are 100% Reaper.

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