Badass Plaid (2015)


I found myself, during the summer of 2015, home for a week, doped up on some pretty good pain meds after a medical procedure. I took it upon myself to build a little iPhone studio so that I could sit, barely moving, yet create. It turned out to be a fantastic experience.

I was able to build beat after beat, and to experiment with crazy sampling and even multitracking. I dug deep within myself, a 42-year-old dude, and pondered my experience so far on the planet, furiously typing lyrics into my phone. At the end of this weeklong revery, I took stock of what I had: A nice little library of original and relatively contemporary snippets of music and a bunch of lyrics.

I spent the rest of the year arranging and marrying the lyrics with the music, experimenting with re-mic-ing and tackling styles I never dared to attempt before, and Badass Plaid was born.


  1. Write For the Masses
  2. People Are Such Animals
  3. Gray March
  5. Mitchell Effect
  6. Kevin Barnes
  7. We Become Real
  8. Master or Meter

Thanks, etc.

My niece took the photo featured as the album cover, which I spruced up a bit. I also used some virtual instruments from UVI, plus some of the stock stuff that comes with ProTools. This will, by the way, be my last ProTools project if I can help it. The PT folks seem to want to hold my computer hostage by not allowing me to update it due to compatibility issues. That is, of course, unless I keep forking over cash.

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