S.T.E.M. Lady

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​brown scrotum on her arm
so it seemed to me
hairy limbs by my side
teaching biology
scalpel in my hand
and her hand on mine
could be a dissection
where the sun don’t shine

i never meant no harm to that fetal pig
can’t find the pancreas no matter how hard i dig

S.T.E.M. lady
i wanna make the grade
S.T.E.M. lady
i love your dna

i never knew a woman
so much smarter than me
with one or two slices
she removed a kidney
her soul is so pretty
and she’s so good at her work
i’ll probably think about her
the next time i jerk

i never meant no harm to those underpants
now i gotta dig through my gym locker
just like i did at the dance

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