It’s All a Game (Deader Than Me)

It’s All a Game

there’s a smile that I recognize
from a long time ago
well it’s, no I, no– it couldn’t be
it’s my buddy Joe
it was so long ago when he stuffed me in the locker
at lunchtime one day

he told me mama dressed me wrong
i guess the Gap was his store
then he said i had oily skin
cuz of all my blocked pores
i said “joe, why are you doing this”
and he said “get into the locker or pay”

it’s all a game

so i peacefully climbed inside
it was one of those days
when i contemplate homicide
or at least getting laid
i thought “hey, man, it’s the way things are going in school”
too smarmy they say

it’s all a game

who decides who’s the winner?
who decides on the teams?
who decides who is part of the plan?
who decides when to dream?

it’s all a game

there’s a smile that i recognize
it’s right there on t.v.
it seems joe was part of the infantry
now he’s deader than me

©2010 Rod West


A somewhat exaggerated recounting of my high school years, and the building philosophies and angst living under my mullet.

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