Drinking Song: Who Drank My Beer (2 versions)

This song is about how, when you’re drinking beer at a party, you leave your beer somewhere and then can’t find it. But sometimes, you actually drank it all and forgot that you drank it and were actually on your way to get another one. This is one of my favorite songs I have written, because I can rock it on acoustic guitar or piano, drunk or sober, in pretty much any situation. In this case, I present two studio versions recorded 14 years apart.

(Track 13/14 Dreamgutter 2002) Loops ‘n’ beer ‘n’ samples ‘n’ fun:

(Track 12/14 Dreamgutter) An updated band recording of the old classic loopy old-school song. As if losing your beer at a party weren’t enough, this one has some extra broadway-esque dramatic soul:

One response to “Drinking Song: Who Drank My Beer (2 versions)”

  1. Wow, Rod, what a difference!!!! I really like what you did.


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