Twitching With cyber_jerk


I’m gearing up to live stream stuff once in a while. I’ve chosen Twitch as my medium, thanks to one of my oldest friends, known on Twitch TV as “cyberjerk.”

Pat, or “Partick,” has thousands of views as he not only streams his video game play, but also movies and music, with his belching, smoking, beer-drinking visage charmingly seated in the lower corner of the screen. His streams are the next best thing to actually hanging out with him, and I’m pleased when I am notified that he is going live.

Of course, I jumped at the chance to create a “pee intermission” theme song for him:

I’m mucking around with OBS, and my beautiful new Focusrite Clarett 8Pre-X, and planning a schedule for streaming. I’ll most certainly be blasting out alerts that I’m going live, and I’ll be embedding it here. I’ll be doing short, open-mic-style sets; doing some song crafting for my forthcoming album; and jamming with guest musicians.

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