Soul Vomit

Lady of the Wall

I’ve started doing the work on this site that I intended, which is to vomit out my musical creations. I mostly create albums, roughly one per year– although I’ve been a bit slow in this regard during the past year or two. This is because I’ve had my face in educational materials figuring out how not to assault would-be listeners’ ears with horrible production decisions. As in, the guiding principle I’ve adopted is, “Please hate the song, not the production.”

I’ve built a page for my most up-to-date, recently recorded album, “Badass Plaid,” along with one “song page” that has the song, lyrics, and backstory of the song Write For the Masses. Album notes, if you will.

I’m going to backfill in this manner, while also releasing older stuff that I have re-mixed, and forthcoming new stuff. So I hereby proclaim, metaphorically, that my first round of retching is complete, and I’m on to the second round. Anyone got a glass of water, or a beer?

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