Song: Chinese Buffet

(Track 9/10 Nothing) There is no hiding the fact that a Chinese Buffet is fantastic. Hence, this song. (trigger warning: poop humor at the end.)

This is dedicated to Rick! Step dads and step moms do the best they can, and it is okay to love them! I do! cyber_jerk on bass!

chinese buffet, chinese buffet
what kind of food will you have today?
might be turkey or it might be ham
would you like the french fries or yams?

chinese buffet, chinese buffet
8.99 special on thursday
dim sum, egg roll, chicken with broccoli <– spell check, beeotch
everything you can cook in a wok-oli

i’ll learn to each with chopsticks
for now: i’ll stick with a fork
is that yummy looking breaded stuff
mushrooms, flounder, cheese, shrimp, or pork?

chinese buffet, chinese buffet
i ate too much, now i’m gonna pay
3 plates full now my tummy hurts
and when i sit down on the bowl i’m gonna *&$irt

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