Song Rough: The Red Pill

This is a throwback to the “girl gone bad” theme of so many cheese metal songs from the 80s. The twist, though, is that the girl is not whoring it up, nor abusing illicit drugs; she has been red-pilled. Graciously, my Millennial daughter agreed to provide the progressive zeitgeist commentary.

I quite enjoyed dreaming this up. It started with a 4-bar Figure riff called “Corpse Lullaby,” and as I started taking stock of ideas for my forthcoming album, the vision for this became clear.

Writing it cured a lot of my political angst: I finally tapped into my sense of humor about my complete immunity to Trump Derangement Syndrome (I suppose I’m experiencing the new flavor of coming out). Plus, I got a chance to track with my new Epiphone Nighthawk and pound on the old electric drums.

The final mix (sans the existing blemishes, and hopefully with a rip-ass guitar solo) will be available on Consternational Anthems, right around the holidays.


the red pill
frog memes
patriot dreams
of meritocracy
waking up to the
arrogance of
the aristocracy

logging onto 4chan
fighting sjw’s
posting dankest of dank memes
that made the evening news

she took the red pill
no longer ill
she took the red pill
now she dress to kill

lost friends
around the bend
who hate democracy
wasted breath
with trying to argue
their hypocrisy

logging onto facebook
laughing at the ignorance
browsing orange hitler memes
posted by sycophants

she took the red pill
no longer ill
she took the red pill
now she dress to kill

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