Song: My Name Is John

(Track 2/11 Gullet Stories) A song written by my brother about a beleaguered police officer with marriage issues.

Microsoft had this application called “Songsmith” that was interesting. I used it to hum the melody of the solo in this song, then slide a few sliders, to arrive at the chord progression for the solo. I haven’t been able to find anything like “Songsmith” since then. So, I won’t be straddling the line between laziness and extension of my creative abilities with that.

hello how are ya, my name is john
for fifteen years i’ve been on this job
i got two kids and i got a divorce
the thanks i get for serving on the force

i drive around town and i bust the drunks
i chase the kids home after they done their drugs
i often break up a couple barroom brawls
there’s too much beer and not enough jobs

they’re nobody’s children from nobody’s home
no one’s school could teach em right from wrong
and they’re all so high when the school day starts
it’d surely break a lesser man’s heart

i thought i was different; i found out i ain’t
when i found my hands across my woman’s face
i lost her and i lost my kids
they can’t forgive me for what i did

hello how are ya, my name is john
for fifteen years i been on this job
it was over before it could start
that’s what broke this lesser man’s heart

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