Song: Like To Kill

(Track 6/11 Gullet Stories) A story “based on” a guys in high school who used to bring a knife to school, and who felt comfortable enough with me to show me. I tried my best to channel the Rolling Stones, with a pinch of Elvis Costello.


Gideon had a gun on the bus
one of those outcasts

who says “come here and hate
it’s good to have a kindred spirit
of disappointment in mankind
those mocking rich bastards
i’m gonna mow em all down”

Gideon had a gun on the bus one day
and who he’s gonna shoot he didn’t have to say
all those mocking motherfuckers, well they had to pay
put a lead smile on their little faces
put a lead smile on all their little faces

had a sly smile like Beezelbub hisself
had a grandpa who got shot down on Bunker Hill
never seen that guy at the wishing well
but everybody, everybody, everybody
got somebody they’d like to kill

like to kill

maybe your spouse is being kind of abusive
maybe your neighbor’s television is obtrusive
maybe your landlord drives an SUV
and that shit is eatin’ all of the energy
put a lead smile on all their pretty faces

had a sly smile…

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