Song: Stink Soul

(Track 11/11 Gullet Stories) Started out as a songwriting challenge among friends, to write songs about each other. This song is a true story of how I made a lifelong friend.


on a bright september morning
before the school bell rang
i got up the courage
to talk to a pretty little thang

we got to a-flirtin’ there was sunshine in our eyes
all my tummy noises had managed to subside

then suddenly it stopped
our moment had been robbed
some flatch was in the air
from a fat kid with long hair

he blamed me, she ran away
i laughed to hard
and to this very day

because of a fart we are friends
because of that stinking twitter
from your big rearend
when Yahweh made you He must have flushed the mold

webber, you’re the stink inside my soul

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