The Legend of the Beastie Mash (a Halloween musical mishap)


Or, how scotch enhances vampiric vocal tracks

Once upon a time, on a spooky, scotch-laden October night, the Halloween spirit burrowed deep into my soul. Scotch after scotch, as my physical vision blurred, an inner vision materialized. I just knew my latest project, a mash up of the old classic Monster Mash with Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys, was destined for greatness (or at least to embarrass me the next morning).

Year after year, the legendary recording haunted those around me. Each October, I announced, “It’s Beastie Mash season again!” As cell phone technology improved, so did my ability to chase would-be listeners around with this gleeful ditty emanating from pinhole speakers.

The song underwent several changes since its inception, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I decided on the final orchestration and mixdown—to exorcise it once and for all from my soul. And so, I present: The Beastie Mash

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