Victory! Song “The Post” Added to Indaba Sync Library

Lady of the Wall

“The Post,” the song that I rewrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered during a short two weeks last month, was chosen for the Indaba Sync Library. This is really exciting news, because it represents the first such acknowledgement of my musicianship and production skills. Plus: I have a really cool “Pro” designation on Indaba. (And, oh yeah, “The Post” might show up somewhere on some kind of mass media content!)

The past couple of years I spent with my face in the academic side of this stuff—which I consider “putting myself through a college music program”—were well spent. Through much practice, I am finally in a position to make the musical stuff I envision happen, and have fun while doing it. Indaba provided (and continues to provide) an excellent platform to apply what I was learning and continue to learn.

“The Post” is also my 10th submission to the site, so it seems like a good time to post my Indaba resume of songs I’ve remixed so far:

Shout out to Uncle Bruce, the author of the original version of this song, and my archetypal musical inspiration. I hope we end up with spoils to share!

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