Test of YT app/live streaming

This is just a test to see what YouTube live streaming is all about. I’d like to avoid getting randomly cut off by Facebook in the future.

Lessons Learned

  • Broadcasts scheduled on your computer don’t seem to show in the YouTube app, so there is no clear path to using the mobile app to stream into those broadcasts.
  • You can schedule a broadcast in the app.
    • You can schedule a broadcast at the same exact time as another broadcast scheduled from your computer; though it results in an error in the app, it does show in your YouTube Studio.
    • The URL of the scheduled broadcast does not appear to be accessible in the app; so, it seems you must grab the URL in YouTube Studio on your computer to share it.
  • You must start the broadcast from the little notification thingee in the YouTube app.
    • Click the video icon, then click the Go Live icon.
    • In the upper right, you will see the aforementioned thingee:
    • It will have a red dot, and colorize, when there is a scheduled broadcast. Click it and the GoLive button appears in the drop-down menu; this will stream into that URL associated with the mobile-app-scheduled broadcast.
  • That cheap-ass $2 plastic phone stand was better than I expected for filming my piano performance.
    • But, the keys sounded clicky.
    • Also, it did not remain stationary. I did not expect it to; nevertheless, it was disappointing and somewhat distracting.
    • It really didn’t allow me to capture video at an ideal angle; it seemed to point at my moobs (which are, in fact, muscular because I work out, but do not withstand bad video angles well).

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