The Olde 0.0 Chapter 1

After 6 months of no drinking, my most notable craving is a pint of ale with a cigarette. During a visit to a Gettysburg beer store with my old pal, I remembered what used to be a dreaded and, dare i say, mockable fact: There’s such a thing as nonalcoholic beer.

There was actually a surprising selection of decent brands, but (in an oft-repeated fit of bad judgment), I chose Busch. I finished the six pack of cans while my pal downed Budweisers. It wasn’t horrible.

I am currently enjoying a bottle of Bitburger. It has a nice little sting of hops. Much better. And this brings me to my intention: To find the perfect nonalcoholic beer.

I’ll be reviewing all the nonalcoholic beers I can find for the rest of the year. I’ll use roughly the same method each time: Cigarettes and pizza (or other delicious food you must eat with beer). I’ll be sure to mention other beer-ish tests when relevant.

Busch NA: **1/2 / 5

Bitburger: ****1/2 / 5

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