Gray March (Badass Plaid)

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Gray March

Lately I’ve been on the wrong beat of the rhythm
Something happened to the spaces in my time
And there is no button to rewind

Something happened to the motor of my vision
Creeping silence in the corners of my soul
Poaching words as history unfolds

My constitution
Is stepping to the gray march
Is stepping to the gray march

Hallelujah to the flowers in the city
Hallelujah to the changes in the air
Hallelujah to the minds who are aware

Hard times, tough decisions
Riding new old rhythms in the dust
Watching the old gospel combust

Sang a love song
Fast song, slow song, rap song, drug song, creamy song, dance song, 80s song, funny song, sad song, commercial song, labor song, admiration song, church song, lonely song, dirty song, sex song, song song

©2015 Rod West



I thought quite deeply about the lyrics on this one. I was getting older, losing some motivation, and noticing that the world moving on. The “riff” was created on my iPhone.

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