Kevin Barnes (Badass Plaid)

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being in the honor of kevin barnes
(a musical legend)

hawking outback steaks while vegans sing along
breaking down the barriers of theater and song

is it pop, is it funk
is it art, is it junk
it’s electric, it’s acoustic
should i dance or swing a glow stick

got his heart broken by a woman from Montreal
in a record store where do his disks belong
almost as good as david bowie but i could be wrong

is he legend, is he fame
has he a heart too wild to tame
is it rock, is he gay
is it a concert, or a play

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin

i first heard him rock a piano grand
then I heard him rock out with a band
i broke a sweat while dancing to his live jams

long titles, fancy words
melancholy, lots of verbs
Is he legend, is he fame
has he a mind too sharp to game?

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin
he’s Kevin Barnes

©2015 Rod West



I’ve been exposed to Of Montreal, Kevin Barnes’ band, a few times during the last few years. My wife is a humongous fan, and so is my sister-in-law. I’ve seen them live, and heard pretty much all of their available studio music. I thought I would poke fun of it a little bit; so I executed my plan to write an entire song around the lyric, “ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,” which is present in a few of his songs that seem to get replays in my household. Despite this tomfoolery, the style is meant more or less as an homage.

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