Master or Meter (Badass Plaid)

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Master or Meter

I been living in an dissonant diseased state of mind
i gotta a feeling every day i could just leave those thoughts behind
Years and years worth of judgment are dogging my soul
a cacophony of cunty always on patrol

Some folks are drunk and ruined
Others celebrate
Some fledglings climb inside
And gossip while the master plans their fates

6 Billion people spouting cheap dogmatic puns
Tower of Babel you can climb with neither love nor guns
I’m scared of thinking bout the war they wanna go fight
Beyond horizons with peace just out of sight

Some folks are high and stupid
Others still debate
Some dreamers climb inside
And suffer while the meter plans their fates

I hope you chase your tail around
I hope you keep pushing rocks around
And I wish you well in your quest for sound

©2015 Rod West


I worked the longest on this one. It started as just a little acoustic guitar riff that I discovered while annoying the other house guests while staying with our friends in Maryland. I had to do a lot of tinkering with drum loops and arrangement and, when I finally had something, the song “Farmhouse Daze” needed lyrics. It didn’t take long to realize that this was a stupid title that wouldn’t really go anywhere, save maybe for a goofy song about drinking or something. So, the mission was clear: Wear my heart on my sleeve. This is that; part admission that I’m kind of lost, and part self-encouragement.

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