People Are Such Animals (Badass Plaid)

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People Are Such Animals

Dogs gonna do what it takes to survive
Foxes gonna look real good
Toads not getting any love at all
Rats gonna tell on you

Mice gonna veil all timid and meek
Pigs gonna eat it fried
Barnacles gonna stick around today
And never leave your side

Chickens gonna get while the gettins good
Chameleons gonna blend
Moles gonna snoop for the other team
Turkeys can kiss my rear end

People, such people
People are such animals

Snakes gonna scheme to stab your back
Vultures gonna watch you die
Cats gonna saunter aloof and cool
Gambling with their nine lives

Sharks gonna cheat you outta your loot
Weasels gonna sneak around
Horses gonna work all day and night
And help you break new ground

Sheep gonna bleat and conform to the herd
Ass is gonna play the fool
Worms gonna leave a trail of slime
Hawks gonna see the real you

©2015 Rod West


This started out as a glitching thing on my phone, then evolved into a simple synth beat, and I was left with some music that I listened to for a while. The chorus popped into my brain, and from there it was a quite enjoyable exercise to conjure as many animal-human metaphors as possible.


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