We Become Real (Badass Plaid)

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We Become Real

So death defying
Don’t look at me
I’m just white guying

So mesmerizing
What’s to come
That’s advertising

We are the causes of our own suffering
Video screens data buffering
Early mornings always rushing
Never find no time for loving

So nullifying
The universe
Keeps multiplying

So terrifying
When we are born
We begin dying

We are real
We belong here
We are young real
We become real

©2015 Rod West


This started as a cool little loop on my phone that I just wanted to mess around with. When I moved it over to Pro Tools and started added stuff, I had added an 80s-ish synth. The more I listened, the more it sounded like it was a children’s choir singing the “we become real” words. So I essentially started the lyric-writing process by transcribing what I heard in that part, and wrote the other words based on how I interpreted that otherworldly message.

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