Consternational Anthems (2017)


I’m linking this up to the thumbdrives I’m creating. I’ll be giving some regular and enhanced thumbdrives away for a bit, then selling them. The enhanced thumbdrives are for audio nerds, and will include the track stems for each song. Check back soon for proper liner notes for each track.


  1. Bionic Punims
  2. Professor Blue
  3. The Red Pill
  4. War Drumz
  5. Hollywood Halfwit
  6. EU Appropriation Song
  7. The Post
  8. Spam
  9. S.T.E.M. Lady
  10. The World’s Most Tolerant Man

Thanks, etc.

To all of the Bionic Punims on the Internet.
You unabashedly demonstrated the spectrum of thought
that is glaringly absent from the Mainstream Media.

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