So Cliche (Free Music)

So Cliche

i cannot understand what happened to our love
it’s over just when you think it fits just like a glove

we used to sing on top of every hill around
but now our voices speak but hardly make a sound

it’s so cliche
this is so cliche

we started out as lovers rotten to the core
alive when 2am comes stumblin through the door

it’s so cliche
this is so cliche

©2005 Rod West


Living with my buddy Mike, I had an old Baldwin upright piano. We jammed frequently. This started out as a simple D-C chord progression, and I “free-styled” the lyrics. The lyrics didn’t evolve much and, in some sense, devolved into this simplistic message of cliche love. I’m unsure what motivated me to re-do this song in (roughly) the style of “ska,” but I did. I fought the urge to change course the whole time. I don’t really like it. However, it was a really slow and boring 2-chord song before, so there wasn’t much to be done with it anyway. (Mike has expressed his distaste with this approach.)

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