Free Music (2005)


Free Music is a set of songs originally recorded in 2005. Although I keep a relatively immaculate archive of stuff, when I wanted to remix these tunes I found that the multitracks were nowhere to be found. So, I hunkered down and rerecorded all of the songs with a bit of a fresh approach, not the least of which was using an analog mixdown process through my then-oft-neglected external chain.

The song selection represents the first time that I dug up really old, primitive songs from my college days, pulled them out of cassettes or the sequencer, and had some fun. The newest song on here is “Hello,” and the oldest is probably “Their Zoo.” The relationship of the subject matter is love and relationships, and/or my dissatisfaction with the world and my place in it.
The title of the album stems from having finally ended work on a collaborative album that stretched on for way too long.


  1. Decide
  2. So Cliche
  3. This Heart of Mine
  4. Mystery
  5. Congratulations
  6. Happiness Flavors of the World
  7. Immigrants and Politics
  8. Their Zoo
  9. Every Color Love
  10. Hello

Thanks, etc.

My buddy Mike played guitar on the original, primitive, 2-chord jam that became “So Cliche.” He was also a strong proponent of “Their Zoo.” “Every Color Love” was inspired by a Melissa Lewis poem. When our paths crossed, and after several beer-drinking sessions, she gave me copies of a couple of her poems, and her eponymous poem inspired me. I suppose I could be petty and not thank my ex for bricking my computer, causing the loss of the multitracks of this album. And I will be. 🙂 After much inner debate, the utterance of her name in this re-tracked version became, instead, the word “Hello.”

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