Their Zoo (Free Music)

Their Zoo

who are they to tell me why i do the things i do
imagining a custom cage for their gold plated zoo

i defy them, i control them
i will break out free

good ones come and good ones go
discouraged from the start
shaped and scolded, herded like cattle
for a life behind their bars

i defy them, i can choose my own path to my grave
some may follow all their roads, but i will pave the way

understand that at the start there’s an easy thing to do
shut your mouth and open your eyes, you’ll learn to hate their zoo

i defy them, i won’t be a mediocre slave
i just hope that i get back the part of my soul i gave

to them
to them
to them

©2005 Rod West


As I walked the hot summer street to pick up my car of questionable quality, I began to understand that I had been swallowed by the trappings of comfort. I was 17, had a mullet, and an axe to grind. This song began to form, and over the years I sculpted and updated it. Weird how my child’s brain concocted such a prescient message. This is the final version. I think this is the cheapo Rogue bass guitar.

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