Song: Bionic Punims

We’re entering a golden age of New Media (a term that has been around, as far as I can remember, for 20 years). The US presidential election in 2016 was a litmus test for the maturity of New Media (i.e. the Internet); the Internet delivered.

It was obvious to free thinkers that there was officially nowhere for our would-be oligarchical overlords to hide their misdeeds from The People. And so, this song represents a swatch of time when information from both Mainstream Media (or, Legacy Media if you prefer) and New Media crossed streams. The old-school bionic punims continue to push a compromised, propagandistic view of the world; the new-school bionic punims, resourcefully leveraging the new low-cost bar of entry into citizen journalism and punditry, have broken through with their own respective messages that are weapons-grade red-pilling content from the trenches of humanity.

Check out Consternational Anthems, my 2017 album. All songs will be available for free download for a limited time. DM @rodzroom on Twitter if you’d like a thumb drive of stems for these 10 tracks.


podium microphone battery charged
bluetooth, internet, budget is large
talking points settled and scandals are done
punching up script before i hit “run”

media buzzin and talkin online
text the wrong thing and you’re in a bind
text the wrong thing and you’re in a bind
text the wrong thing and you’re in a bind

bionic punims
selfies by day headlines at night
bionic punims
stirring up shit to sheeples’ delight
bionic punims
meme this baby and u can’t go wrong
bionic punims
four years fighting didn’t seem that long

podium microphone battery charger
bluetooth, internet, budget is larger
talking points settled and scandals are ripe
gathering power pedaling tripe

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